Foundation for Transparent Regulations is incorporated for reaching the following aims:

  • Creating opportunities for publicity in the management via introducing and working upon regulations, showing through transparency for decision-making on all levels;
  • Stimulating the civil activity in the conditions and terms of the membership of Bulgaria in the European Union – business and behaviour models;
  • Stimulating the dialogue and interaction with the state, local self-government and the business organizations when it comes to resolving problems of public interest – education, qualification, local self-government and democracy; Consulting state organizations and institutions for creating forms, structures and contacts between people, institutions and organizations with the neighbouring states of Bulgaria – business, culture and education exchange;
  • Ensuring transparency in the activity of the organization and stipulating mechanism ensuring the performance of the will of the founders and donors;
  • Promoting the implementation of the „Council of Europe’s Innovation and Good Governance Strategy at local level“.

The implementation of the „Strategy for Innovation and Good Governance at local level“ is based on the implementation of the 12 basic principles that cover the main areas of activity of the local government:

  1. Fair Conduct of Elections, Representation and Participation, to ensure real possibilities for all citizens to have their say in local public affairs;
  2. Responsiveness, to ensure that the local authority meets the legitimate expectations and needs of citizens;
  3. Efficiency and Effectiveness, to ensure that objectives are met while making the best use of resources;
  4. Openness and Transparency, to ensure public access to information and facilitate understanding of how local public affairs are conducted;
  5. Rule of Law, to ensure fairness, impartiality and predictability;
  6. Ethical Conduct, to ensure that the public interest is put before private ones;
  7. Competence and Capacity, to ensure that local representatives and officials are well able to carry out their duties;
  8. Innovation and Openness to Change, to ensure that benefit is derived from new solutions and good practices;
  9. Sustainability and Long-term Orientation, to take the interests of future generations into account;
  10. Sound Financial Management, to ensure prudent and productive use of public funds;
  11. Human rights, Cultural Diversity and Social Cohesion, to ensure that all citizens are protected and respected and that no one is either discriminated against or excluded;
  12. Accountability, to ensure that local representatives and officials take responsibility and are held responsible for their actions.